The American Humanist Association is proud to host the Secular Social Justice 2018 Conference in Washington DC!

This year's lineup includes community organizers, social activsts, storytellers, policy experts, and performance artists.

Join us and register today!

9:00am – registration and exhibit tables open

9:25am-9:40am – Sikivu Hutchinson: welcoming/introductions


9:40-10:20am – Diane Burkholder and Ashton Woods: "Not Your Negro: Radical Organizing While Unapologetically Black and Atheist"

10:20-11:00am – Nazgol Ghandnoosh: "Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System"


11:00-11:10am – break; Q&A with Diane Burkholder, Ashton Woods, and Nazgol Ghandnoosh


11:10-11:50am – Victoria Rodriguez-Roldan: "Queer intersectionality"

11:50am-12:30pm – Juhem Navarro-Rivera: "Immigration Justice for Humanists"


12:30-1:15pm – lunch break

  • 1:00-1:15pm  special prize raffle 

1:15-1:30pm  Gowri K. – performance art

1:30-2:10pm – Rajani Gudlavalleti: "Unlearning Nixon's Lies: Harm Reduction as a Strategy to End the War on Drugs"


2:10-2:20pm – break; Q&A with Victoria Rodriguez-Roldan, Juhem Navarro-Rivera, and Rajani Gudlavalleti


2:20-3:00pm Candace Gorham: "Pipe Dreams: How the School-to-Prison Pipeline is Destroying Communities of Color"

3:00-3:40pm – Hari Ziyad: "What Are You Abolishing?"


3:40-3:50pm – break; Q&A with Candace Gorham and Hari Ziyad

3:50-4:50pm Whitney Shepard and Hari Ziyad: "The Need to Decolonize and Get Free"

4:50-5:00pm – closing remarks