What's the Secular Social Justice 2018 Conference all about?

Secular Social Justice was pioneered by feminist humanist activist Sikivu Hutchinson. According to Hutchinson, it was developed because "neither organized atheism nor organized humanism have ever addressed social, economic, gender, and racial justice from the perspective of communities of color."

Secular Social Justice 2018 prioritizes the liberatory visions of activists of color who believe social progress must come through human intervention. This all-day event is dedicated to connecting secular humanist values with strategies for transformational social justice through workshop training, discussion, networking, and coalition-building.

How do I register for this event?

Registration for general admission is now online here

General admission includes access to all of the strategy sessions and performances. 

Where will this event be held?

The Secular Social Justice 2018 Conference will be held at All Souls Church, Unitarian (1500 Harvard St NW, Washington DC 20009). You may get directions from your location here.

I want to tweet during the conference. What's the conference hashtag?

The official hashtag for the Secular Social Justice 2018 Conference is #SSJCon. Be sure to tag @SSJCon when you use Twitter, and feel free to add other hashtags like #humanism or #humanist.

There will be regular posts on SSJ Con's Facebook and Twitter pages before and during the conference. Be sure to follow those pages for updates!

You are welcome to use your electronic devices to tweet or post quotes/photos during conference sessions; free wifi will be available. However, please be respectful and do your best to not be disruptive to the speaker(s) or those around you.

Can I promote my organization/cause at the conference?

Yes, as an authorized exhibitor! More information about purchasing an Exhibit Table is here. We anticipate many activists and allies from across the country to attend, giving you an opportunity to introduce your organization/cause to new audiences!

What restaurants are near the conference location?

Mayflower Chinese Carryout

Ercilia's Restaurant

Super Tacos & Bakery

Haydee's Restaurant

Panera Bread

Lou's City Bar

Potbelly Sandwich Shop